Interview - explained

Episode 2/3 - Serie: How to apply for a new job.

explainity explains: Interview


Jonas applied for a business apprenticeship a few weeks ago. Today he received a response, inviting him to an interview. But why are interviews held? What must he pay attention to? And how can he best prepare?


Interviews are an opportunity to get to know one another and to receive all the necessary information about the apprenticeship. The interview is one of the main factors in deciding who gets the apprenticeship, so Jonas prepares thoroughly.


First he goes on to the Internet to find out as much as he can about the apprenticeship profession and the training company and to plan his journey, to make sure he doesn’t arrive too late. Then he thinks about his outfit, because it has to suit his apprenticeship profession.


Interviews will frequently include standard questions. For instance, what the candidate considers his strengths and weaknesses to be or where he sees himself in a few years.

To make sure he is well prepared for the questions, Jonas asks his parents to slip into the role of the interviewer. They listen carefully to his answers and provide a few valuable tips, as they have already experienced this kind of meeting many times and can speak from experience.


Good preparation also means drawing up a list of questions. By asking specific questions, Jonas can show the interviewer not only that he is particularly interested in this apprenticeship, but also that he sees his professional future in precisely this company.


And then the time comes: Jonas arrives punctually and well-prepared, so he’s not nervous when he meets Mr Walter, the company training manager. Jonas maintains eye contact during the interview to signal his interest.


First Mr Walter presents the company, and then it’s Jonas’ turn. He explains what prompted him to choose this profession and which internships he has already completed in preparation. Mr Walter listens carefully and asks questions. Then Mr Walter explains his tasks as an apprentice and outlines his opportunities in the company, before giving Jonas a chance to ask questions.


Now he does feel a bit nervous, so his prepared list of questions comes in handy. He asks about the work opportunities in the different departments, about the college course and what he needs to bring along on the first day of the apprenticeship. He’s interested, of course, to find out about the apprenticeship wages that will be included in his apprenticeship contract.


And then finally it’s over. Mr Walter will get back to Jonas with an acceptance or rejection in the next week.

Arriving home, Jonas feels relieved. He thought it would be more difficult – but he was impressive thanks to his good preparation for the interview, and now he’s looking forward to receiving a response from Mr Walter.